Menghitung hari, ga sabar bakalan ketemu kamu. I miss you 😘


Interesting Thought from Steve Jobs

Hi Dear

I just want to share  a thought from Steve Jobs about building a great team. He was being interviewed by a reporter and said:

Do you know who the best managers are? They are the great individual contributors, who never ever wanna be a manager but decide they have to be a manager because no one else gonna be able to do the job as best as them.

This statement remind myself couple of years ago that i don’t want to be manager. but the company decide to promote me as a team manager.

More distant, more missing you

This happened twice as i remembered.

Pertama, disaat keluarga besar mama memutuskan untuk liburan bareng ke Padang tanggal 24 Desember 2015. Kamu belum ada rencana untuk liburan ke tempat yang sama. Well, i started to miss you badly but i can’t say it nor act as i do.

Second, unplanned event to join Riza (my housemate) for short weekend getaway to Singapore, January 1st 2016. Akhirnya satu rumah ikutan “kabur” ke Singapore karena Riza harus keluar dari Malaysia berhubung visa kerjanya belum kelar. I started missing you badly on my departure. Again, i can’t say it nor act as i do.

Finally, new blog is up and running

Well, finally this blog is up and running. I’ve been thinking to create it a year ago as a present for you, my special girl. However, due to some circumstances, i can only do it now and will keep it secret from you at this point of time. Unless i forget to log out from my laptop or you check it from WordPress application in my iPhone. Or maybe some closest friend made this blog went viral.

I’ll try my best to update the blog regularly. This is not a diary but story between me and you.